Early Winter After School Wednesday 4:00-5:15


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This class listing is for NEW students only. CONTINUING STUDENTS please use the Re-enrollment Listing to re-enroll your kids for the next session!


This is for the Early Winter, Wednesday 4:00-5:15 After School Class.

Class runs 6 weeks from January 6th and the last class is February 10th.


Please read through our updated policies and procedures:

(by registering for class you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the below)

  • All campers will have to wear face masks over their nose and mouth and anyone who comes into the studio must also be wearing a mask. The instructors will always be wearing a mask as well.
  • No food is allowed during classes. Water Bottles are welcome but kids must drink in a designated area away from other students.
  • Usually, we have a very communal style workspace here, but students will be given specific work spaces they need to stay within and tools that are not to be shared. Kids will be gently reminded of this and of mask etiquette if it slips their mind while they’re here.
  • Due to insurance reasons, all children who take machine sewing classes at Old Spool must be at least 8 years old. No exceptions.
  • It is mandatory that all new students take the Intro to Sewing Workshop or the equivalent private lesson before they begin the After School Classes. You may register for an Intro to Sewing class at the same time you register a new student for After School classes. If your child has been to the studio for a Scout Event or Birthday party, they still need to take the Intro Class.
  • If you do not register a new student for an Intro to Sewing Class or we do not have record of them having taken the class, you will be refunded immediately and your spot in class will be forfeited. Exceptions are made for children who already have learned basic skills and have contacted us  to let us know.
  • Before and after every class we will disinfect and sanitize all work surfaces, machines and tools with 200ppm Hypochlorus Acid and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • When students enter the studio they will be asked to sanitize their hands by either washing with soap or using hand sanitizer.
  • New Makeup Class Procedure: Make up classes will take place at least one Wednesday evening a month which is established at the beginning of each session. Please confirm with the instructors that your child is attending a makeup class as space is limited for those classes.
  • If there is a risk that the instructors have been exposed to coronavirus, we will voluntarily close the studio for 2 weeks in order to self isolate and any missed classes will be prorated and refunded. The safety of our students and families are our priority. We will communicate these circumstances via email as well as through Facebook. 
  • Please do not drop your children off more than 5 minutes before class and please pick them up after class in a timely manner. Our new sanitizing procedures take time and we only have so much time to reset before the next class begins.


About Old Spool After School:

Old Spool Sewing’s after school kids’ classes in Brielle NJ are a great way to get your kid (ages 8+) learning sewing in a creative environment where they will learn all the basics as well as be challenged in problem solving and a multi step process. Each student will work through at least 2 projects in each 6 week course, and learn how to cut, pin and sew their way to a final product that they can be proud of!

Kids will experience all the different skills and techniques that sewing has to offer, from: garment making, bag making, quilting, crafts, applique, hand embroidery and whatever else may intrigue them! We’re here to support their exploration of this new medium, that is anything but “Old School” and foster a lifelong love of creating things with their hands.

Please note we use sewing machines and all the “grown up” tools when sewing, so kids will be handling sharp pins and scissors on their own.

By registering for this class you agree to Old Spool’s Terms and Conditions. 

5% discount for siblings (even if they are not in the same class) please contact us for the code!