Hand sewing Tutorial for Beginners: Make Tropical Pineapple and Flamingo Stuffies

This week on Old Spool’s Youtube Channel is another beginner friendly hand sewing tutorial to make some cute flamingo and pineapple felt stuffies. This project is a bit more advanced that my other hand sewing tutorials because of the shapes we’re sewing, but in the end, we’re doing the same simple combination of a whipstitch and a running stitch to put everything together.

If you’re new to sewing, I suggest starting with my Donut sewing tutorial because of how few pieces actually go into making it. If you’re feeling ambitious (and loving these hand sewing projects) you can also tackle my Llama or Cactus projects too!

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You can find the patterns for the tutorial below, make sure to print at 100% or “Do not scale” when you print it out so that your pieces are the correct size! You can always make the pattern intentionally bigger or smaller, just know that super small pieces are harder for younger kids to cut and sew together.

The Materials you’ll need for this project are:

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