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Super Sweet Mama and Baby Sloth Hand Sewing Video Tutorial

Super Sweet Mama and Baby Sloth Hand Sewing Video Tutorial

I love craft and sewing books, my overflowing library at the studio is obvious proof of that! Just before Christmas a fellow sewing studio owner out in Brooklyn, Alexa Ward of Brooklyn Sewcial, had her first book published called “Sewing for Kids” with 30 different machine and hand sewing projects focused on teaching the absolute beginner of sewists and guiding them through more complicated projects, building their confidence along the way.

I was lucky to get a copy of Alexa’s book to review and OH BOY are there some fun projects in there! I love how she touches on many types of projects, from useful pouches to wearable garments and accessories. She organizes the book like a good sewing teacher would, covering the basics and necessary materials and then moving into simple hand sewing projects that increase in difficulty until you break out the brand new sewing machine.

Some of my favorite projects are her pizza pouch (personalize it with toppings or go plain-Jane if that’s your thing!) as well as the upcycled t-shirt with sequin trim. The most difficult project in the book is a duffel bag that I can’t wait to make with my students who come for Summer Camp at the studio!

But this week I went with her super cute Mama and Baby Sloth Keychain project to cover as a YouTube tutorial for my students. this project has some fiddly bits, but I think it’s the right amount of challenging.

Hand sewing Tutorial for Beginners: Make Tropical Pineapple and Flamingo Stuffies

Hand sewing Tutorial for Beginners: Make Tropical Pineapple and Flamingo Stuffies

This week on Old Spool’s Youtube Channel is another beginner friendly hand sewing tutorial to make some cute flamingo and pineapple felt stuffies. This project is a bit more advanced that my other hand sewing tutorials because of the shapes we’re sewing, but in the end, we’re doing the same simple combination of a whipstitch and a running stitch to put everything together.

If you’re new to sewing, I suggest starting with my Donut sewing tutorial because of how few pieces actually go into making it. If you’re feeling ambitious (and loving these hand sewing projects) you can also tackle my Llama or Cactus projects too!

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You can find the patterns for the tutorial below, make sure to print at 100% or “Do not scale” when you print it out so that your pieces are the correct size! You can always make the pattern intentionally bigger or smaller, just know that super small pieces are harder for younger kids to cut and sew together.

The Materials you’ll need for this project are:

Felt Donut (or Doughnut!) Stuffie: Hand Sewing for Beginners!

This week I’ve got another new hand sewing project for beginners…. and it’s quite tasty!

We’re making donuts! Or is it doughnuts? I don’t really know! But I do know that I made a video tutorial for the whole process, over on my YouTube. Be sure to like the video and subscribe while you’re there, and leave a comment if you have any ideas for more cute felt projects!

i love my donuts/doughnuts

The Materials you’ll need for this project are:

Felt Cactus Stuffie: Hand sewing for Beginners

Learn how to hand sew your very own felt cactus stuffie using Old Spool’s pattern and my helpful Youtube tutorial! Make sure to like the video and subscribe to my channel while you’re there- and let me know in the comments if there are any projects you’d like to see!

The materials you’ll need for this project are:

Scunchie Tutorial (on the Notch & Swatch Youtube Channel)

Scunchie Tutorial (on the Notch & Swatch Youtube Channel)

What’s the most popular project at my sewing studio the past year?


Learn how to make your own scrunchie in this easy to follow video tutorial! And make sure while you’re over on Youtube that you like, subscribe and comment on our videos so we can reach more budding sewists!

Fa-la-la-llama! A Felt Sewing Pattern and Instructions for your Holiday Crafting Delight

Scroll to the bottom for my video tutorial!

Sometimes we all crave a quick and fun little project that let’s us get the creativity moving and grooving just a little bit. You know the kind: “I don’t really want to make a huge mess” (that rules out making those delicious 20 ingredient cookies you saw on Pinterest…) or that “I have a free afternoon, what do I do with myself?” (“and the kids, what do I do with the kids?!”)

Enter: my Fa-la-la-Llama felt sewing project! 

Ain’t she the cutest?! 

She’s inspired by everyone’s most favorite well dressed llama’s, Peruvian llamas! 

How majestic and colorful! 

stylin’, baby.

I am a very big fan of cute, well dressed animals. Peruvians have kept llamas as livestock for thousands of years, and it’s obvious why: they can wear the heck outta a pom pom! 

So if you aren’t a local friend of mine (hey there, Jersey Shore folks!) and you can’t make it to my felt llama ornament workshop on December 9th at the Asbury Park Christmas Bazaar I’m happy to share the free pattern and simple tutorial for this hand-sewn furball! 

The link to download the file is below, please let me know if you have any questions! And if you make your own, I’d love if you’d share it on social media and tag the shop: @julia_oldspoolsewing on instagram and Old Spool Sewing: Brielle NJ on Facebook!