Fa-la-la-llama! A Felt Sewing Pattern and Instructions for your Holiday Crafting Delight

Scroll to the bottom for my video tutorial! Sometimes we all crave a quick and fun little project that let’s us get the creativity moving and grooving just a little bit. You know the kind: “I don’t really want to make a huge mess” (that rules out making those delicious 20 ingredient cookies you saw on Pinterest…) […]

Fast Fashion and Why it Sucks Part 3

So, everything about the Fast Fashion Industry generally stinks. Like, big heaping piles of waste water tinged with local sewage and lots of garbage STINKS. Yes, there are some companies that do “the green thing” and have begun including textile recycling drop offs in store (looking at you, H&M) or “upping their commitment to sustainability” […]

Bra Making with Madalynne, my experience this Summer

Back in June, thanks to my cheerful sewing bud/student Mandy who is always up for anything, I attended one of Madalynne Intimates’ sewing workshops in funky ol’ Philadelphia, PA. As someone who teaches sewing to others, I really love having the chance to learn new techniques or gain more knowledge about an aspect of the garment sewing […]

A beginners sewing guide to #sewingthescene with inspiration and pattern picks!

So, you find yourself intrigued by the world of sewing your own clothing. What a vast, magical and slightly intimidating jungle of possibilities sits before you! You think to yourself: Where to start? What to make? Do I take a class? Do I just wing it? Good god, why are all these people going on […]