Christmas Sewing Gift Guide for Kids!

Ahh, the Holidays. Who doesn’t love the faux snow covered window displays at retail outlets and the 20 song Holiday themed playlist the radio stations tune in this time of year? Doesn’t the idea of peppermint everything really get you excited about spending time with extended family and having to buy a gift for your […]

A Sharp Look at Rotary Cutters (on the Notch & Swatch YT Channel)

Earlier this month, Brigitte and I published an introductory video to the how’s and why’s of rotary cutters! If you don’t use this fabulous (but slightly dangerous) tool already in your sewing practice… prepare for your mind to be blown! Make sure to like, leave a comment and subscribe to our channel for more educational […]

Scunchie Tutorial (on the Notch & Swatch Youtube Channel)

What’s the most popular project at my sewing studio the past year? Scrunchies! Learn how to make your own scrunchie in this easy to follow video tutorial! And make sure while you’re over on Youtube that you like, subscribe and comment on our videos so we can reach more budding sewists!

Galentines Dreamcatcher Workshop Recap

After our first sold out adult craft workshop back in November, I invited my friend Jacki of the local handmade brand Tripsy Shop back to teach another dreamcatcher workshop! This past weekend we hosted a Valentines themed Sunday Brunch, complete with mimosas, home baked treats (all by Jacki, I’m far too busy these days too […]

A Heartwarming and Simple Sweater Upcycle

Just earlier today, I was listening to a new favorite podcast “Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press” which is all about sustainability in the fashion industry and other intersecting industries and movements. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s amaze-balls. Clare Press is the Australian Vogue Sustainability Editor -at-large (and is a reformed shopaholic, which makes […]