We’ve changed things up for our Old Spool After School program this year and are excited about these changes being easier for everyone who sews with us. Please find the answers to most of the questions we get emailed about, below.

How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?

Each session, no matter the age or skill level, is 8 weeks long and you register for those 8 weeks*.

*There are four full 8 week sessions each school year (Sept-May) and then a single 4 week session in late May-June. The cost of an 8 week session is $250 and includes all of the materials to make 2-4 projects.

Do you take breaks for Holidays?

Yes, all holidays where there are no after school classes can be found on the calendar that you can download just above this paragraph. We take the entire week of Thanksgiving off as well as a 2 week break around Christmas. We also take a week of Spring Break off aligned with most of the local school districts our students attend.

Why do you run registration like a “subscription” with two separate payments?

This is our solution to (what felt like) the constant emailing to re-enroll for classes in the middle of the session for the 90% of our students who continue to sew with us year-round as well as a way to keep the cost of class financially accessible.

When you first register you will be charged a “sign up fee” which is the first 4 week payment for classes. For your first 8 week session you will then be charged again on the Monday of the 5th week.

After your first session with us, our new “subscription” system charges you $125 on the Monday of the 1st and 5th weeks of each successive session and does not stop until the end of the school year. You may cancel after the 2nd payment but before the end of week 6 during the “cancellation period”. You may not cancel before payments are processed in the session you are currently in or you will incur a $25 fee. You must create an account on our website to register for Old Spool After School and save your credit card information.

My kid is loving sewing classes- how do I keep them sewing all school year, in the same day and time?

Good news! By registering for class they are indefinitely enrolled until you cancel the “subscription” during the Cancellation Period (keep reading for more info)

We will not be attending next session, how do I cancel my “subscription” ?

We know your families’ schedules change during the year, so if your child will no longer be sewing with us you must cancel your “subscription” after the payment processes on the Monday of the 5th week but before the Friday of the 6th week- this is a two week time period called the Cancellation Period. (the dates for which can be found on the printable class calendar that you can download below)

This system allows ample time for us to offer their spot to a new student and we appreciate your cooperation. If you cancel before the 2nd payment processes you will be charged a $25 fee in addition to the remaining balance of the classes they are currently taking. If you cancel after the Friday of the 6th week you may be refunded less a $10 fee. Thank you for your understanding of our time.

We need to switch class times because of a conflict, how do we do that?

You can view all classes with availability on the after school page, here. Availability is updated in week 7 afer the cancellation period ends. Once you have checked to see if there is a day that you can switch to, please email Julia to change their registration. You do not have to cancel your subscription to change days/times.

Do you offer make up classes if my child can’t make it to class one week?

Yes, we have changed our make up policy and procedure (which you agreed to when you registered your child for class): You may make up *one* class each 8 week session during the designated Saturday Make up Class from 2-3:15 (time is subject to change) which will be during 6th week of each session (dates can be found on the printable calendar you can download below). If they miss class in weeks 7 or 8 they may make up that class in the next 6th Saturday Make up Class. You must contact Julia to reserve your childs’ spot in Saturday class, and if you cannot attend the Saturday class during that session we are unable to accomodate another make up date.

Do you prorate sessions or offer refunds for missed after school classes?


Do you offer other payment schedules?

Yes! As a small business, we understand that cash flow is a thing everyone has to manage and are happy to offer 2 week recurring payments for the 8 week sessions. Those would be $62.50 and would bill weeks 1, 3, 5 ,and 7. The 2 week payment schedule will be available to switch to after September.