Adult Classes & Courses

This is where you’ll find all of the sewing and craft classes we offer here at Old Spool!

Wondering where to start? Here’s the breakdown of our skill levels:

New to the studio/sewing? Intro to Sewing is what you’re looking for: we learn to use the machine and practice basic sewing skills. This classes are hosted every other month.

All other ‘Intro to’ classes are for absolute newbies to that skill, whatever craft it may be.

Beginner’ classes are for those who’ve learned the basics (usually from an Intro class) but the process is still a bit overwhelming.

Adventurous Beginner & Your First‘ classes require a bit more pratice, but are still suitable for beginners up for a challenge.

Intermediate Classes‘ are best for those who are comfortable [at the sewing machine or with a skill] and have a good amount of projects under their belt.

Many of our classes span multiple dates and require you to purchase some of your materials, so please make sure to read the class description thoroughly and check you can attend all dates. The classes on this page are for adults ages 16+. Kids classes can be found through here.

Use the Arrows below to navigate between months. We schedule classes by Quarter.