About Us

Hi everyone! I’m Julia! It’s so nice to meet you. I am the teacher and owner of Old Spool Sewing in Brielle, NJ.  

I have a background in fashion design after graduating with a BFA from the well known Parsons the New School of Design in New York City where I earned a nomination for Designer of the Year during my thesis year. After working a few years in NYC, I was turned off by the massive amounts of wasted resources and earth wrecking practices of the fashion industry, so I quit my day job to pursue my love of making and teaching. I’ve been teaching sewing wherever I could host a class for the past two years, from office conference rooms to friend’s kitchen tables..

Old Spool Sewing is a dream come true, a cozy little studio where I can welcome anyone who wants to learn the craft of sewing and give them space to flex their creative muscles. More and more in our tech filled lives, I think it’s important to stop and make something with our hands to remind ourselves how good it feels and how capable we are.

I’m a big believer in sustainable practices and try to instill them in most things I do. At Old Spool we work with organic cotton or sustainably sourced fabrics, natural cleaners and very rarely use single-use items (unless they were recycled in the first place!). Most vendors and businesses we support are local or smaller scale. We always save our fabric scraps for future projects and hope to inspire whoever comes by to lessen their footprint on our planet! 

In addition to the exciting things happening at Old Spool in Brielle, I was a contestant on Slice TV’s first Season of Stitched in Canada on November 11th 2018. Stitched is pretty much a cross between Chopped and Project Runway, where 4 designers an episode compete to win a $10k prize. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to watch it in the USA!

Want to learn more about me? Feel free to follow me on Instagram  and read my blog  to learn more! 

The Studio is located at 609 Higgins Ave #3 in Brielle, NJ. Just look for the big red building across the street from Mariners Cove Restaurant!